Counseling - Laura DeBaunn - (takes Medical, Very good, hence very busy - but TRUST ANY RECOMMENDATION SHE GIVES YOU!!!) She is a beautiful woman who actually makes a difference - she changed my life. 707-994-2225

Hospice - Just stop - you don't have someone dying in your house so you don't need Hospice, right? SERIOUSLY WRONG!!! The have a Bereavement Counseling group for us in Lake County. It is free. And these guys will absolutely blow your mind with what they can and will do for your heart. Phone: (707) 263-6222 Website (click that) And they provide Kleenex. (I'm used to toilet paper so Kleenex is a biggie for me.) If you are hurting - do not hesitate to call these guys.

Mental/Behavioral Health of Lake County. Ok - I know, I know, the verbage is disconcerting - but this is a group of people who also care and want to help you. 707-994-7090

Another one I'm liking is this: Lake County South Shore Help This one has lots and lots of links. - check it out.

County Crisis Lines for All of California - Click here.

For Teens Especially - Click Here - this is a great site to help you pick your issue and talk about it or read about it.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS IF THEY ARE CONCERNED ABOUT A FRIEND - Click here - seriously - if you are ever concerned about someone - go here - this is beyond educational - and even if you aren't - I, personally think everyone should have this education.



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