Do you have a Story you would like to Tell?

You have a story about where you were, where you are and you want to share it. I already love you. I live in Northern California and if you can get to me, we are on! Please contact me. The criteria is this: You must no longer be in your hard time, you must have come through that and be in a good place. I know that may sound harsh and I don't mean it too, but this project is designed to give people hope. I will take your photos, we will laugh, have fun, I will tell your story and your ugliest moments will become a beautiful olive branch for someone that you may never meet. Think about it - if the hardest moment in your life could possibly save someone else's life, doesn't that make it all worth it?

The way it works is simple: I, Sharon, photograph you, interview you and then you go away for a spot of time. Then you come back, see your photos first and say "yay or ney" on releasing them to us for publication. If that works out, then I edit and write your story - send it to you for omissions and additions and re-edit - send it back to you for final approval. At that point and time you decide if you are willing to make this all public and sign that release. BUT I have a No Fault- No Harm policy in this - it takes some thought on your part if you want to become this kind of "public figure" and if you decide you do - well, then "welcome to the next Wave" - if you decide it isn't the right time for you, then that is PERFECTLY OK! Walking through the Studio door is not a committment and I would never ask you to sign a release until you were completely comfortable. We respect our Waves. If you are interested or thinking about it, please send a message to Sharon via e-mail or facebook (link below) or call 707-888-0882.

If you can't come to me to do this, you can still do this. Just start talking. That's all you have to do. You don't have any idea who looks up to you and thinks you are "perfect" and what telling them about the time you weren't feeling so perfect could do for them. Help continue the dialog that we have begun. I believe if we all can be brave enough to do that we will bridge a huge gap between humanity and media-fed perceptions. Who knows? It might even lead to peace on earth. At the very least, I'm pretty damn sure it could save somebody's life.

Give testimonials on our FB Page! The more it comes out of people's mouth about how this is part of normal living, the more it will make a difference. Hear your own voice!

Help us set a new precedent.

Break the silence.

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