The Board of Directors


Sharon Dawson, Executive Director

Sharon is the creative behind the project; a photographer and writer. 30 years owner of The Dawson Studios Photography and long time newspaper columnist. Writes notes everywhere and is glad that the ADHD diagnosis was not in play when she was in school. Past member of Rotary, current member of Konocti Lioness.

Tommy Garrett, Board President

Realtor and Chef at the Manzanita Restaurant in Middletown.(seperate those - he's not selling houses out of the restaurant) In the past he has worked as a counselor for troubled boys and has a 30 year career as a youth/highschool football coach. Currently re-instating his CCW to be qualified for peer counseling. Past Rotarian. Flatly refuses to join the Lioness group with Sharon.

Marlene Elder, Vice President.

Court Clerk for 20 years in Lake County, 23 years of wolf rescue, volunteer for many local community organizations. Exceptionally intelligent, but then again has her very blond moments - loyal, effective, inivative and visionary. (OK, can I tell a blond moment? How many of you have called someone and forgotten who it was you dialed? Everybody, right? How many of you have called someone and forgotten who YOU were? "Hi Sharon, this is... this is... oh crap, this is MARLENE! I remember now!" ) Very intelligent, very tenacious and, sometimes, very blond.


June Burnett, Treasurer

June is retired from the MUSD school district as the secretary for the elementary school. She is very active in both Hula and her Church, where she is also the treasurer (she didn't stand a chance with us - HERE!!! YOU DO THE MONEY!). Loyal, beautiful to a fault, and may easily be the most dedicated and patient person on the planet.

Mary Ann Dearing, Secretary

Mary Ann is retired from the MUSD school district as a reading remediation aide for 17 years. She has spent 6 years as a case manager for disabled adults, and currently works with disabled children. She also keeps us sorted (well, OK, she keeps Sharon sorted, which is no small feat in and of itself)

Bob Minenna, Media Chair

Retired San Francisco Police department, will soon retire from a 40 year career as a volunteer fireman. Currently a memeber of the Lake County Arson Task Force and a photojournalist for the Lake County Record Bee. Shakes his head a lot at meetings.

Rachel Samuels, Fundraising Chair

Chef, and a horse chick. Meaning she works with both the animals and the riders to create a symbiotic understanding of patience and kindness between animal and human. (and feeds both the animals and humans quite well.) Quite simply a people person, Rachel is the one who will go out there and just find you, talk you up, and is the brave face at our events. We call her our "cheerleader".

Amber Wiebe

Professional stylist, assistant at The Dawson Studios, worked steadfastly on the creation of the Waves with Sharon. Drives a really cool red T-bird that breaks down a lot, and is exceptionally intelligent and straighforward (the latter would be in reference to Amber, not the car).





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