Please understand that we are not counselors nor do we claim to be. If you or someone you love are in immediate trouble, please call 911 or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

We are, however, people who care. If you need to reach us here's the stuff:

Sharon Dawson - 707-888-0882

Tom Garrett - 707-349-2447

Our mailing adress is PO Box 1411 - Middletown, Ca 95461

e-mail -

We live in Middletown, California (Northern Ca for the unindoctrinated - given that you could throw a rock from one end to the other, I'm assuming most people do not know where Middletown is! LOL) We welcome your comments, opinions and stories - do not hesitate to contact us

And find us on Facebook! The more likes we get the bigger we will get and the bigger we get the more power we have to end the stupidity of stigma. (Like my "little" button? LOL - I'm lame - forgive me!)

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